February 18, 2006


Today, the words like Green architecture, Zero building, LEED, SEED, LCA ISO are more used as fashionable terms in developing countries. Sustainability is used as a veil for concealing the existing facts .In developed countries, the sustainability means promoting the quality of the environment for living but in the third world countries it means survival. In other word, the sustainability in the developed countries is similar to editing pages in such a way that all the sentences are placed in the proper place in order to promote literary quality of the text, but in the third world countries, in principle, there are a few words in a page, therefore, the sustainability, means writing a new text with respect to the existing words and editing it may be carried out in the later stages. It should be realized that developing countries in the East are not undergoing the same cultural or ideological shifts in sustainability attributed to advanced industrialized countries (Redcliff and Benton (eds.) 1994).

Posted by faraz at February 18, 2006 1:50 AM