April 25, 2006

E- t shirt

Hi again
now you can see all finalist project in http://www.webforthefuture.net/home_eng.html
and here is my proposal

The idea of e-t shirt occurred to my mind during sightseeing Japan in sep 2005, I was impressed by looking at very fashionable teenagers who walking through streets but I found the way they express themselves very interesting, they wrote their point of views about life or whatever on the their t shirt and bring this opportunity for passerby to look and read it and even to make a new connection, I found it a new type of dialogue and communication.

What is e-t shirt?
E-t shirt is a cloth which interweaves with web surface of some part; it can be used for four main criteria:
1- As a web log & Self expressing, like what it happen in Tokyo, but much flexible than before you can type, copy, paste, design… as many times as you want
2- Advertising, like what GOOGLE AD does in private websites, you can earn money by accepting to put one company advertising on your t shirt, the Ads are depends on the place and time you are and suspended to change. It will control, moderate and change by “remote server”
3-As government announcement in extreme conditions, foe example in the time of earthquake, hurricane, storm, or any bad weather condition or at the time of terrorist attack , as government and expert advice and a way to calm people
4-As social and public health advisor, for example in stress-prone of city displaying “ don’t rush”, “stress is the cause of most diseases” or in polluted urban area “No smoking”
lAdvantages of e-T shirt:
1- Sustainablity, an important leap toward much sustainable world, considering how much paper and resources is wasting for paper advertisements and announcements nowadays.
2- Economic growth, helping individuals to benefit of advertisement markets
3- Transparency, increasing transparency of the world
4- Flexible, Changeable, Full control, Edit, Copy& Paste
Models of e-T shirt:
1-WBL, web base label, in the near future you can buy label and place it on your cloth
2-WBT, web base textile, in far future, you can produce clothes with WBT so there no need for
buying extras or special maintenance
what the new generation in japan think about the life

Posted by faraz at April 25, 2006 12:21 AM