May 9, 2006

interview with O-one

<i>This is interview with O-one lab about the project of E-T shirt which will be supposed to be produced in november

Where did your get the idea for your project? What does it inspire you?

The idea of e-t shirt occurred to my mind during sightseeing Japan in sep 2005, I was impressed by looking at very fashionable teenagers who walking through streets but I found the way they express themselves very interesting, they wrote their point of views about life or whatever on the their t shirt and bring this opportunity for passerby to look and read it and even to make a new connection, I found it a new type of dialogue and communication.

Which is, in your mind, the strength point of you project, that has allowed you to win the contest?
First of all E-t shirt is not a product it is a “communication technology”, after that studying the history of “progress” indicate that the world goes toward the direction that fills the gap between “will” and “became” to the extent that there is no waiting time to reach “what you will”. Basically, not only E-T shirt is part of this process but also it has potentially some other characteristics inside, like:
- Sustainability, an important leap toward much sustainable world, considering how much paper and resources is wasting for paper advertisements and announcements nowadays.
- Economic growth, helping individuals to benefit of advertisement markets
- Transparency, increasing transparency of the world
- Flexible, Changeable, Full control, Edit, Copy& Paste

Do you think that it is achievable it and who do you think can support you to do it? Which could be the best sponsor to choose…if we could define him?

I am just studying the possibilities so that I find the best sponsors to make this dream a reality

Do you think, above the usability of it for advertising, is there another possible use of E-t-shirt as to send personal, social, peace, brotherhood, messages?

Yes definitely it can be used not as a tool but as a technology to spread “World Peace”
- As a web log & Self expressing, like what it happen in Tokyo, but much flexible than before you can type, copy, paste, design… as many times as you want
-As government announcement in extreme conditions, for example in the time of earthquake, hurricane, storm, or any bad weather condition or at the time of terrorist attack , as government and expert advice and a way to calm people
-As social and public health advisor, for example in stress-prone of city displaying “ don’t rush”, “stress is the cause of most diseases” or in polluted urban area “No smoking”
All in all I belive that E-T shirt is a new branch of communication which has infinite number of potential opportunities inside itself it is not a product it is a technology

It is quite clear that now the historical situation, all around, is delicate about the communication among peoples, also of different countries, actually also you that you live in difficult conditions in your nation concerning the human rights and the freedom of _expression, which is your position about your project, that has inside a revolutionary way to look to the relationship between the communication of himself to the others?

Statically more than 40,000 Iranian is bloging nowadays and that put Iran in the place of the first three countries in bloging, but why?, I do believe that “WEB is land of equal opportunity for all”, it means no censorship, no charge and no discrimination, where you can freely say what you think WEB is the mirror of our world and E-t shirt make this vision a better, brighter and sweeter one.
Finally I want to thank the organizers of “web for the future” competition and all who support me specially my family

Posted by faraz at May 9, 2006 10:59 PM

Hi Faraz I'm Antonello an italian student in marketing, i've seen your revolutionary project about ET shirt and i would like to know more about it..
Next month I should discuss a thesis on a project of marketing and yours seems to me very interesting, if you can i would need some information and also some picture or some stuff to do it.

Let me know something about, write me a mail if you can.

thanks a lot you genius ;)


Posted by: antonello at May 17, 2006 4:41 PM