August 13, 2006


The role of architecture faculties in blind using from bricks should not be ignored. To study the above tendencies, the factors such as political science, lacking independent thought, importing sciences, poor education, and nostalgic feeling to the mud brick architecture should be considered because for superficial similarities between the mud brick and brick, after industrialization of Iranian community, a kind of nostalgic feeling for recovering brick foundations, encouraged the architectures more to use brick (post modernism). The role of modernism propagation in Iran without presence of social infrastructures also should be considered.
“Mud brick architecture is a monochromic one because the prevailing material in this architecture is mud brick . From the sociologic point of view, the integrity of colors in the mud texture especially expanded urban textures causes the people in every walks of life and any economic status live in a harmonic environment…” “In Bam Citadel, this harmony is a factor for integrating the dispersed factors.”
In such quotations, there is nothing but a nostalgic and idealistic attitude to the past. The question is that do the people of the Bam city have the same feeling?

Posted by faraz at August 13, 2006 9:25 PM

mardetanhaye shab, montazere tamasetoon hastim!

Posted by: sina at August 13, 2006 11:16 PM