October 31, 2006

tehran, sharif metro station,

it is a real shame for us as architects, what really the one who design this station think? no piping , no drainage, and no thinking, the worst point is that here is tehran , the capital, where supposed to have the best so-called architects and designers




by the way i should remind that there is an untold anti-public-toilet trend in Iran ,once you can hardly see an public toilet in tehran,in this manner DREAM ON a WC in metro, use your own in your house or find a mosque
to be continued....

Posted by faraz at October 31, 2006 11:36 PM

مثل هميشه نگاه تيز بين شما را تحسين مي كنم.

Posted by: mohammadhamed at November 1, 2006 7:18 AM