August 5, 2007

WHO AM I???????????????????????

As I enter the dean’s office, the secretary stare at me, he is silent; I should break the killing silence
[I]- I have an appointment with dean at 9 o’clock
[Secretary]-what is your name please?
When I introduced myself; he looks up in a book
[Secretary]-the dean is in a meeting; you should wait
And again silence, he completely ignored me and didn’t ask me to sit so I sit. It is 9 o’clock, I start to read ARCHVOICES competition and think about the theme…it is now 12
[Secretary]-you can enter
[I]-I go to the door and enter the room
It is as big as our house but it is furnished with expensive stuffs
[Dean]-sit down please, may I see your resume?
[I]-I put it on the desk
It seems that he don’t have time to read it
[Dean]-may you please explain about your works?
last year I wrote two papers that both of them were published in Diversity in architecture 2003 which was held by BSA and AIA and TERRA 2003 that..
[Phone rings]
[Dean]- (he interrupts my sentence and answers the phone)…yes...ok... bye
He asks me” what is your opinion about Globalization?”
I get angry with his irreverence question; anyway I control myself and start thinking why he asks me this question, maybe he wants to see which SIDE I am(with them or against them)
[I]-I think globalization is a natural process but universalism is different it is not natural also diversity is the main factor of globalization but..
[Phone rings]
[Dean]- (he interrupts my sentence and answers the phone
I realize that he is speaking about money, bank account. Now he hangs the phone and turns to me. He seems to find that I am not in his side
[Dean]-explain about your papers!
I start to explain suddenly he interrupt me
[Dean]-but architects are not responsible to give plans for villages
[Phone rings]
He answers the phone
[I]- (I say to myself as the answer of his claim” in this country from 30 years ago architects have given plans for village”)
[Dean]-what can I do for you?
I see red what f***ing he is talking about, his question was a clear answer for me
I should go out
[His cell rings]
I think of past when I delivered these two essay to my professor and he gave me C as mark and I failed the course; when I asked him the reason, he said: “what I say you is valuable see it is the matter of what you do and what you don’t do, international essay is nothing”I am completely ignored when secretary come in and gives the dean some stuffs and I think more of past; I remember the day that my parents want to build a new house they go to a civil engineer for plan and didn’t ask me a word.
What should I expect others when my parents ignore me
I look at dean who is busy with cell is going out without a word
[Secretary]-please go out we are closed for praying time
I go to my old classroom; it is empty; I member professors who were sick in mind and heart I go to blackboard and jot down
How can I effect in future when i am totally ignored?
Artist factualists and singers effect more than any architects can do
How can I effect in a city that more than 40% of construction is illegal
I was effected by architecture much, architecture is a way to find myself, to be more sensitive than others I walk to blackboard and clean all i wrote, i get a red chalk and write
WHO AM I???????????????????????With 23 question marks that stand for my age
[Cleaning man] please go out sir I want to clean the classroom
As i leave the class I turn back and see the man is murmuring and cleaning the blackboard.
to be continued...

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