August 24, 2007

bertrand russell quotations

“The governors of the world believe, and have always believed, that virtue can only be taught by teaching falsehood, and that any man who knew the truth would be wicked. I disbelieve this, absolutely and entirely. I believe that love of truth is the basis of all real virtue, and that virtues based upon lies can only do harm.”
(From The Prospects of Industrial Civilization [London: Allen & Unwin, 1923], p. 252; written in collaboration with Dora Russell)

-“Truth is a shining goddess, always veiled, always distant, never wholly approachable, but worthy of all the devotion of which the human spirit is capable.”
(From “University Education”, Fact and Fiction [London: Allen & Unwin, 1961])

-“Mathematics may be defined as the subject where we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.”
(CPBR 3: 366 : 31-3 (“Recent Work on the Principles of Mathematics”, a.k.a. “Mathematics and the Metaphysicians”)

-“I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy. I expostulated, but he replied: ’The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that’s fair.’ In these words he epitomized the history of the human race.”

Posted by faraz at August 24, 2007 1:52 PM

اختیار داری. بمب شمایی یا ما که مرتب با عکساتون می ترکونین؟ مخلصم.

Posted by: سهیل کارآگاه at August 25, 2007 12:22 AM