December 9, 2007

strand of success, hallocination

i am addicted to success, i don't feel any pleasure of any so-called success, and i just murmuring this chanson "oh la la ", i have no way but to go on, where?, i don't know, why? i know that, "i am addicted"

Foule sentimentale
Oh la la la vie en rose
Oh ! Life with a sweet taste

Oh la la ! : expresses surprise and/or a bit of fear and infliction
la vie en rose : title of a famous song by Édith Piaf ; voir la vie en rose : to see life optimistically

Le rose qu'on nous propose
The taste THEY offer

D'avoir les quantités d'choses (I think it's : des quantités)
Made of having a whole bunch of things

Qui donnent envie d'autre chose
That make you want still another thing

Aïe, on nous fait croire

[when it hurts, you say « Aïe ! ».]
(Ouch), they make us believe

Que le bonheur c'est d'avoir
That happiness is having

De l'avoir plein nos armoires
Credit memos (audits ?) stuffing our cabinets

Dérisions de nous dérisoires car
(They make a) mockery of us (who are) trifling, since

Foule sentimentale
(As a) sentimental crowd

On a soif d'idéal
We are eager for ideals

Attirée par les étoiles, les voiles
Attracted by stars, sails

Que des choses pas commerciales
Untradable stuff only

Foule sentimentale
Sentimental crowd

Il faut voir comme on nous parle
You should see how they're talking to us

Comme on nous parle
How they're talking to us

Il se dégage
There free up

De ces cartons d'emballage
From these packagings

Des gens lavés, hors d'usage
Drained, out of order people

Et tristes et sans aucun avantage
And sad and without any asset

On nous inflige
They inflict on us

Des désirs qui nous affligent
Desires distressing us

On nous prend faut pas déconner dès qu'on est né
They view us, are they joking ?, from the day of our birth,

Pour des cons alors qu'on est
As idiots [con=colloquial] whereas we are


Foules sentimentales
Sentimental crowds

On nous Claudia Schieffer
They Claudia-Schieffer us

On nous Paul-Loup Sulitzer
They Paul-Loup-Sulitzer us

[P.-L. Sulitzer is a well-known novelist, publishing very thick books who are told to be written by ghost writers. Quite a dull person, in my opinion.]

Oh le mal qu'on peut nous faire
Oh that harm they do to us

Et qui ravagea la moukère
Which devastated the woman [This strange sentence is a pun about « Travadja la Moukère », a song]

Du ciel dévale
From sky slides down

Un désir qui nous emballe
A desire enthusing us
[If the sentence stood alone]

Pour demain nos enfants pâles
[But know there's a continuation, which changes the meaning of previous sentence into : A desire that will pack up [that is, standardize],]
Tomorrow, our pale children

Un mieux, un rêve, un cheval
A « better », a dream, a horse

Foule sentimentale
Sentimental crowd
the english translation made by a nice guy which i lost the address of her/his website, but it is the best translation of this chanson i have ever seen, i may put the audio format by the end of the week

Posted by faraz at December 9, 2007 12:43 PM

salam Faraz jan,
dirooz be tore etefaghi too daneshgah (TU/e, technical university of Eindhoven) projat ro didam, didam ke az daneshgahe azade Iran hast va kenare projehayee az America, France, Spain & Netherlands hast. baram baes eftekhar bood. az karet chan ta aks gereftam ba mobilam. age mikhaye address email bede ta barat aksa ro befrestam.
bebinam nakone alan khodet Hollandi?
movafagh bashi, Mahdi

Posted by: Mahdi Hemati at December 9, 2007 6:00 PM

hey there,
i've listed your name in my friends on my blog, but actually we've met only for 5 minutes or at most 10!
though i've read all your blog so far and you are familier to me as a senior:)
my name, which i was not to reveal for my blog readers, is Mona Bolouri and i've recently added you in yahoo by "mirage_m4" ID.
do you remember the tall girl with big smile that ran into you in 2nd floor of architecture building and asked you about leaving to europe?
that's is all you may remember about me and not any more:D
anyway yes we have the same taste in music. that's because you seem to be in love with french either. hum?
and about tehran, i've got lot more to say both in praise and disgust!
I thought you might be more comfortable with reading english, that's why i wrote like this.

uh-huh! about the the latest lyric updated, that's terrific. la vie en rose... as long as i remember, it's a movie soundtrack. but i can't remember what film...
anyway, thanks for you nice comments. goodluck with your journeys
p.s.where on the earth are you right now?:D

Posted by: mona at December 14, 2007 2:06 AM

salam faraz jan be weblog man sar bezan.khoshhal misham.meysam

Posted by: meysam at December 15, 2007 2:37 PM