January 22, 2008

originality or stealing idea factory

خوب حالا که بهرام خان از اتهام ایده دزدی به اصیل نبودن ایده رضایت داده اند
/مسئله ابنه که ایده چیست و اوریجینالیتی به چه معناست ؟ /
از آنجایی که از تایپ فارسی متنفرم بقیه اش به زبان اجنبیها
the idea , basically is not an end it is a process it is not a hidden voice in ur mind
which could be achievable by abusing others ideas , considering that how many foods
you could make just by meat, water, egg, salt, and vegeatable. all of this raw materials
are the same, un-original, but each product is unique.
"don't copy the idea or design", to me it is a nonsense quote by a dump teacher, i will say " copy anything if you could make it better" the architecture in essence is a visual field and your part of brain which is engaged with visuality , image, moving image would be developed by "looking" and each image engraves an effect on your mind unintentionally and all your future art works are based upon them so they are not in essence original , because that sense of originality ,pureness, 100% original is an illusion by ordinary people ...but you can make your pureness by the process you design for the idea , ....
to be continued....
عزیز دلم اینکه شما هیچ مسابقه ای را برنده نمی شوید / دلیلش چیه اینکه شما ذهن و فکرت اوریجنال نیست چه رسد به معماریت/ طرح مسابقه ملی شما را بهرام خان به یاد دارم
سعی کن کمی بیاموزی

Posted by faraz at January 22, 2008 9:51 PM

forgive but not forget!

Posted by: Sina at January 22, 2008 10:57 PM