February 4, 2008

the result of sanction


yeah, this is the result when you were born in iran and you surf the net in iran ,
it is not too far to face this:

"Access Forbidden
We are sorry, but due to U.S. government restrictions, we are unable to allow access to our webiste from your country at this time.

The IP address you are using,, is currently not permitted to use this web site.
Country code: IR

and the web site i wanted to see is this:

and to me it is called the discrimination of human rights to access freely to data and info,
and this bring out the necessity of Hackers, Crackers,.... without them world seems to be a prison than a global village

rasti alan che ghadr ahange "jabre joghrafia" namjoo be del mishine

Posted by faraz at February 4, 2008 1:45 PM

دوست عزیز,
شما به ضیافت چهارم معماری با موضوع خیابان دعوت می شوید. امیدواریم تا با حضور گرمتان محفل ما را صفائی دو چندان ببخشید. خواهشمند است لینک مطالب تان را تا سه هفته آینده (7 اسفند) به وبلاگ ایرانشهر http://urbatecture.blogspot.com
یا این ایمیل بفرستید.
موفق باشید. منتظر تان هستم

Posted by: Morteza at February 5, 2008 8:09 AM
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