February 5, 2008

architectural memory,

during our travel in turkey we go to a fashion- leather saloon, anyway after the show the orgnizers select two, a boy and a girl, from us and wear them their cloths then they walk through and show off but they have to unbotton their cloth to show their underwear , and when they do so, all the saloon burst into shouting and clapping, i remember an american who was very impressed by this show, therefor an architecture student can do anything from fashion design to be a model for fashion

the iranian student, boy from shiraz university, girl from azad uni tehran

she unzipped her cloth and ...

and other spectators, the rest of student

the first time i heard Arash music, BORO BORO, was in a mac in istanbul during uia, we were very proud that in an international event arash is roaring in space,
the guys in picture, Mohamad Afshar, Hamid from shiraz, and the girl i can't recite her name but student of film or theater in tehran uni

on the road our bus just got out of order , we were 100 km off the ankara and we should weat for 3 hours to got fix the cars, so the music students in tehran uni start composing music by pet bottle which was filled by sand , astonishing, and the others started dancing, it was a very hot party and the other drivers pulled off and join us , and also turkish police also joined us

souvenir, the boys bring all kind of alcholic drinking back to iran and this girl bring a branch of tree!

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