February 7, 2008

why we never progress

and this time " why we never progress" according to a bear in his cave :

photo: from sina blog

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Google and Sanctions
if u try to down load the latest version of "google sketchup pro" from the google site you will probably see this message: "THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST, BUT THE PRODUCT THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DOWNLOAD IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY". I must add this new exprience of mine to the "why we never progress" series in Faraz Soleimani's weblog. Anyways I actually think the reason that google has blocked access to its products in "YOUR COUNTRY" is not UN sanctions, but it is mainly about copy right issue! and when it goes to copy right issue then "YOUR COUNTRY" is the most free country in the world! I was studying "AGE OF COMMUNICATION" عصر اطلاعات book by Manuel Castells and I bet that after reading that you will agree with me that "YOUR COUNTRY" is just a big bad rebel among all good guys!

CRACK MOOD ADVISE: if you ever wanted to circle around this IP address blocks just try "U88.EXE" . after using that stupid google willingly offers it products to you! I donno any link for "U88.EXE" but if you find me online, I can send it to u!

by the way , do the other countries really think that this kind of biased attitude really work!
i wonder if it works, and they are just convincing all intelectuals in Iran that the problem is from the
others countries not their extremist islamic one,

My experience, crack mode, if u88 don't work download torpark , it really sucks , it is the master of all proxy program and by that you can really SURF NET

Posted by faraz at February 7, 2008 12:29 PM
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