February 7, 2008

architectural memory UIA 2005

although many believe that ZAHA is shy but to me she is not really shy but not sociable and some how impolite!
i remember when she started her presentation in UIA 2005 , someone shouted and asked her to speak louder coz no one at the end of sallon can hear her , she shouted very angirily witha very annoying tone " you can come to podium and speak instead of me, i can not speak louder" ....it is not exactely the same word but some thing mean like this ...


anyway..one of intresting point about ZAHA was she seems to be a close friend of SHIRDEL and Eisenman coz in the final ceremony they sat in one table and chit chat for a while

Posted by faraz at February 7, 2008 11:41 PM
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