February 12, 2008

Tadao Ando, Dog, Le courbusier

Tadao Ando named his dog "le courbusier" because he love him very much
آندو اسم سگش رو میزاره لوکربوزیه به خاطر عشق وافر به او

this is the Ando's sketch , kind of proposal to mayor for constructing a building like that
according to ando , the first time they put aside the blue print but when he insisted again
and go to the mayor, they just kicked him out!
این ساختمان پیشنهادی آندو به شهردار است جزو اولین طرحای او
حالا چطور شده از این مدل طرح ها یه دفعه سوپر استار میشه خودش داستانیه
بعد از اینکه بار دوم رفت پیش شهردار واسه این کار از اتاق میندازانش بیرون

these two picture were taken during UIA 2005 , in istanbul , at Tadao Ando presentation

Posted by faraz at February 12, 2008 1:20 PM

you are bored?
i just know what bored is. bored is me, and the polar bear that i am.
hey i could do sth so that you don't feel envy anymore. it's not good to feel envy you know? it's bad for health, and as long as you need to keep that brain in a healthy body for a long time, so that we have some iranians and specially some azad uni folks to be proud of, i think i am responsible to do sth about it:D
let me see what i can do buddy

Posted by: mona at February 13, 2008 9:55 AM
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