February 20, 2006

memory of UIA 2005 Istanbul

it is our wonderful group
mohamad ,guess who is he?, faraz, every night we had a wonderful party
opening of Uia 2005

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February 18, 2006

turkey, izmir 2005

Izmir seaside, memory remains




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Today, the words like Green architecture, Zero building, LEED, SEED, LCA ISO are more used as fashionable terms in developing countries. Sustainability is used as a veil for concealing the existing facts .In developed countries, the sustainability means promoting the quality of the environment for living but in the third world countries it means survival. In other word, the sustainability in the developed countries is similar to editing pages in such a way that all the sentences are placed in the proper place in order to promote literary quality of the text, but in the third world countries, in principle, there are a few words in a page, therefore, the sustainability, means writing a new text with respect to the existing words and editing it may be carried out in the later stages. It should be realized that developing countries in the East are not undergoing the same cultural or ideological shifts in sustainability attributed to advanced industrialized countries (Redcliff and Benton (eds.) 1994).

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February 11, 2006

Vitruvius Pyramid part 1

Many years ago when Vitruvius introduced architecture and design with three factors (form, function, structure), he perhaps didn’t know about the consequences of this definition in the future. Vitruvius’ triangle consists of three factors of Form, Function and Structure. Architecture formulated on the basis of these three factors has changed to a global architecture; it means that in this definition there is no space for place and time in the formation of architecture. With regard to the above factors, apart from existing conditions, an architectural work is applicable all over the world. In the Vitruvius Triangle framework, the defects of Vitruvius Triangle may be removed.

Culture includes traditions, customs, superstitions, economy, religion, society, which are suitable for a certain time or place. So Vitrivius’ Pyramid consists of Form, Function, Structure and Culture. Regarding this norm, we can ask the following question:

“Does the Form follow Function or vice-versa?”
Answer is:
Form and Function follow each other through culture’

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February 10, 2006

World Sustainable Building 2005

Sustainability of Sustainable Strategy
It is my poster that presented in SB05 , Tokyo 2005 and it was awarded during student session for the best poster award
and some more photos
poster award 1.JPG

poster award 2.JPG

poster award 3.JPG

poster award 4.JPG

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February 1, 2006


Japanese Entertainment
كاواروكي يه اتاقي است كه توش يه سري سيستم صوتي تصويري و رقص نور وجود دارد با اين تفاوت كه
شما آهنگ انتخاب مي كنيد و خواننده خودتون هستيد. يك تجربه فوق العاده است قيمت:1000 تا 2000 ينالبته صبح خيلي ارزونتره 400 براي يك ساعت به همراه نوشيدني مجاني!چونه بزنين خيلي كمتر مي شه

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Sustainablitism part 2

Butterfly effect!
Brick as Achilles’ heel of Iran’s contemporary architecture
By entering the industrial brick to Iran, there was a great need to the force work and consequently, constructional workers. This caused that the villagers move from villages to the cities. They preferred constructional work, which was seasonal but had a higher wage to the agricultural work which was permanent but had a lower wage. The job vacancy was filled and supplying the work force became more than demanding work force. Thus , living situation of workers not only was not improved but also it reached to the lowest level (theory of classical economy) and the rate of unemployment was increased .Fertile lands were destroyed and agricultural products was intensely decreased and Iran changed to the one of the most major importers of the wheat. City’s population became more than village population and therefore the number of consumers became more than producers.
So the country became dependent on imports of agricultural products as well as the supplements of brick buildings such as steel elements for the structure of building, cement, mechanical equipment and etc. . . .For lacking scientist, specialist and suitable strategy in any fields , to meet the needs, there was no way but “importing products”. By entering cheap workers (villagers) , who had not required skills , master workers left the stage and this led to the destruction of skills such as brick burning , brick made decorations , shell structures and .. .The quality of brick made buildings was intensely decreased .Also growing the process of constructing the brick building led to destroying the earthen architecture in different cities.

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