March 30, 2006

food comparision


when you go abroad you will believe to" mac donald i am lovin it" just compare these two


food in turkey is not that you expect, so don't panic just go and find a macdonald itis cheap and much healther than many others food, you can eat for 2$

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Besm tile

tile besm.JPG

tile for suvenior , Istanbul near haya sophia

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my beloved slogan 2

Kill Your Name Before It Kills You

i can't remember where i heard or read this , sorry

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March 29, 2006

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March 25, 2006

when there is a will , there is a way

Finally, I won the first prize of “web for the future” competition which held in Italy, in the section of “web for improvement of relation between individuals”.
The competition is compose of three stages , more than 200 projects was send from all five continents, in the first round 24 projects were selected in the second stage 19 projects were selected and in final stage one project selected for every two project is named E t shirt.

The WebForTheFuture Contest has finally come to an end and we are now able to announce the results of the poll.
For area 1 the jury has decided not to assign any prize, as none of the projects submitted met the minimum quality requirements needed to be considered eligible to receie an award. The winner for area 2 is “½ X ME” by Elena Sacco and Sandra Tagliabue. For area 3 the award goes to “E-t shirt” by Faraz Soleymani. The two winning projects will also give to their authors the chance to attend an internship here at o-one.
A prestigious location has already been selected for the awarding ceremony. It will be
announced shortly, along with the date of the event. Hence, as always, stay with us.

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March 22, 2006


يك روزي مهمون محمد بودم در قزوين . رفتين قزوين پارك فدك حتما برين . يه پارك بزرگ با كلي چراغ اما بدون درخت!

m afshar.JPG

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Happy Norouz

Sign of spring in my house yard

spring 1.JPG

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March 20, 2006

uia2005 tour, istanbul

sorkin as keynote speacher,he loves coca cola

haya sophia ice cream.JPG
temptation of ice cream and haya sophia

fashion show, an unbelieveable space

who is on the other side,many people site on the ground to listen to Ando and zaha hadid

search dog.JPG
sever security check, asearch dog to find explosive parcel

when architect studenst have a flat tire they won't waist their time, they will arrange a party even in midnight on the road

in bus.JPG
you guess

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