September 18, 2006

the dream always come out of true

First iranian female space tourist,Anousheh Ansari, blasts off

in addition she is the sponser of "X prize",10 millions $, competition, find more in wikipedia

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September 9, 2006

What "The Only Bird in Town" said!

this is a text derived from a fascinating blog named "The Only Bird in Town", Ali,the owner, is one of my best friend who knows how to THINK,

" Vital Death "

If you find out that you are about to die in one hour, what do you do?
Maybe you panic so hard you just lay down and wait!

What if it's a day?
You'll try to see all your dearest for one last time.

A week?
Friends, acquaintances...

A month?
Unfinished projects...

A year?
Places you haven't been to. Books you haven't read...

5 years?
Maybe a little more extensive program!

Well... What's the rush? Take it easy!

Well, that means all of us! Let's live it out!!

When you feel death breathing down the back of your neck, you will try to do all the things you always wanted to do, and never found the time for.
The most important things of your life that you had overlooked over and over again. And sacrificed them for the things less important.
But the further you consider yourself from death, the less you feel obliged to pursue your dreams.
You postpone it to a promised tomorrow that never arrives. Because you think to yourself, "Hey! I got the time of the world. Let's take it easy. Haste makes waste!!"
And then you take it too easy. So easy that you don't see the moments rushing away.

We don't die on a specific date and time.
Every night we die from that day and every morning we are born to a new day.
What happens is that one of these days, we die without being born again!!

So' we'd better live every moment as though it is our last.
Getting the best of it.
And be with our dear ones like it's the last time we see them.
Being the best of us.

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September 3, 2006

happy birthday to myself

last week was my birthday, It had a strange sense when you were alone and there was nobody to plan a party for your birthday ,not even to say you a simple congradulation, so i gave a present to myself as a birthday surprize, then made a party for myself, there iwas only one guest in my party who was in the same time the host that was me!

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September 1, 2006

Challenge; allways there is a back door

The "impossible" is impossible!

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