July 29, 2007

the paradox


the empty pool or fountain, it supposed to be full of water but maybe it is better to play football in it and make it dry this is iranian "rehabitalisation" or maybe "renovation" or a kind of "localisation" who knows!

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why we never progress, "send someone for a red rabit"

when the developed countries searched for knowledge we discussed about the religious'rules ,harame ya halale?, and when they are exploring the space we are just tring to redominate a garden or maybe we just tell another story for our people to sleep well and relax when the other send shuttle into space


hame ja amno amane shoma bekhabid ma bidarim

oon "setade azad sazish mano koshte!"

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July 28, 2007

sooner or later

sooner that you guess you have to gain PERMISSION for what ever you want to do
yes, the temptation of ccontrol, the will to power, the tendency to know every thing.

from now on every piece of cloth should have a code unless the one who sell and the one who buy that are accused ,
so what happen if you wear a short that does not have any code, surely the police can stop you and chek your underwear to control the flow of fashion industry!

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why we never progress, sensorship

طرح افزایش امنیت اجتماعی!



we are just trap by the surface and this brings us in the last 30 years a "skin culture" which is obvious in all surface; facade, product, clothing,....etc. a new social formalism, this is why i am completely against of "formal architecture", which unfortunately todays are very fashionable!

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July 27, 2007



as always i couldn't remember the name of painter, but he is the one who paint "pain"

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why we will never progress


what a contradiction!...the fully covered wemen are just buying the most revealing cloths ..yeah here is Iran ...tehran

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حق مسلم ماست


just near Velenjak, he should have known that it is his indisputable right,
work, sleep,.... just in a car, what will happen to him by ration of petrol!

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July 26, 2007

we suffer from ourself

sorry i can not remember the name of painter, he is iranian and i took this during his concert in tehran university.

liberte is every where that is us that bring limit for ourself, we are trap by our own mind and this body is just our prison

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پلیس همه جا آزادی هیچ جا

police par tout liberte null part

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to destroy or not to destroy?

فکر میکنید این طرحای جامع و تفضیلی چه قدر مفیدند؟


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July 25, 2007

bloging news

persianblog is hacked , hurrrrrrrrrah,
click to enlarg
what if we could hack the architecture

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the cats

finally the cat under my bed decide to find another home, without any force of my side ofcourse, tonight she is just carring her 5 babies one by one to the new home, "best wishes"

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what maters most?

to believe "not to believe" or "not to believe" ,this the question of our age!

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July 24, 2007


the last two months in Iran, and now counter counting is started! i hope i will never come back again, here just reminde me and bring me, at least not good things!

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July 22, 2007

just make joke of "ricordati di me"

i want to be a bad boy because a good boy goes to EVIN,prison, but a bad boy goes where ever the good boy wished !

the original saying is:
"i want to be a bad girl because a good girl goes to heaven but a bad girl goes everywhere"

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time destroy everything

"le temps detruit tout"

extracted from "irreversible" fechering monnica bellucci, if you did not see that vous perdez un bout beau de temps, nesfe omret bar fanast.

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July 20, 2007

you could never get my freedom of thinking

Artist: Florent Pagny
Album: Other Song Lyrics
Title: Ma Liberté De Penser

Quitte à tout prendre prenez mes gosses et la télé,
Ma brosse à dent mon revolver la voiture ça c'est déjà fait,
Avec les interdits bancaires prenez ma femme, le canapé,
Le micro onde, le frigidaire,
Et même jusqu'à ma vie privée
De toute façon à découvert,
Je peux bien vendre mon âme au Diable,
Avec lui on peut s'arranger,
Puisque ici tout est négociable, mais vous n'aurez pas,
Ma liberté de penser.

Prenez mon lit, les disques d'or, ma bonne humeur,
Les petites cuillères, tout ce qu'à vos yeux a de la valeur,
Et dont je n'ai plus rien à faire, quitte à tout prendre n'oubliez pas,
Le shit planqué sous l'étagère,
Tout ce qui est beau et compte pour moi,
J' préfère que ça parte à l'Abbé Pierre,
J' peux donner mon corps à la science,
S' il y'a quelque chose à prélever,
Et que ça vous donne bonne conscience, mais vous n'aurez pas,
Ma liberté de penser.

Ma liberté de penser.

J' peux vider mes poches sur la table,
Ca fait longtemps qu'elles sont trouées,
Baisser mon froc j'en suis capable, mais vous n'aurez pas,
Ma liberté de penser.

Quitte à tout prendre et tout solder,
Pour que vos petites affaires s'arrangent,
J' prends juste mon pyjama rayé,
Et je vous fais cadeaux des oranges,
Vous pouvez même bien tout garder,
J'emporterai rien en enfer,
Quitte à tout prendre j' préfère y' aller,
Si le paradis vous est offert,
Je peux bien vendre mon âme au diable,
Avec lui on peut s'arranger,
Puisque ici tout est négociable, mais vous n'aurez pas,
Non vous n'aurez pas,
Ma liberté de penser.
Ma liberté de penser.

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why we never progress

gendarms partout ,liberte,egalite,fraterlite et humanite nulle part

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boobs or temple this is a question!

this question is answered by developed countries, but as always we ,developing countries, are entagling between the answers!
paris, 2007, boobs or temple?

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July 18, 2007

exhibition in art house

unfortunatly i can not remember the name of painter,sorry!
BUT it is wonderful ..just look at eyes and mouth, perfect


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what lies beneath?

a cat give birth to five cute babies UNDER MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



she was suspicious but not seemed to be that crazy, now i face with a dellima, to keep them or to kick them out!
what do you feel when you sleep on your bed and beneath there, 6 cats sleep as well
now i can understand why the french name a messy place "comme la chambre du etudiant" which means "like the room of student"

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July 12, 2007

friendship does not exist

چه قدر شاشیدن به رفاقت حال میده!

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July 10, 2007


i am created to be rebelion
i am created to not be content
i am created to nag
i am created to be unfaithful
i am created to ...

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July 9, 2007

jean novel


novel is just trying to compete with gaudi in barcelon by his building...very premature!

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essence of architecture in barcellona

barcelona typical architecture

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July 8, 2007


"Remember, one's own reality can be created, so as long as the belief is there, success will follow"

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July 7, 2007

discrimination in religion


inside the church , the small candel cost 1 euro and the big ones cost 5 euro, possibely, God hear first to those with big candel, who knows?

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"tien mes deux"= bilakh


calatrava , tv tower or something like this, you have to pay 25 euro to climb to the hill by telecabin and then come down by your own feet and also sacrifised a day for this project and then you really underestand that calatrava is just pulling your legs and give you a finger!

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July 6, 2007

other side of our culture

advertising a dance class in metro ,illegally, it ia just a visit card sticked to the door

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July 5, 2007

grafitti in toillet



inam az farhangsazi

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mac donald fan

i love mac, cause it can save your life when you are starving, then it can give you the pleasure of your life" piss free"...it is a bless!

mahmood is just chopping himself ! by "maxi menu" in postdam platz

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July 3, 2007

why we will never progress

they are religious,...but they rent also "otagh khali" ! the scene was pradoxical,disgusting and also for me FUNNY

mashad zoshk

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the forgotten spring

margarita and bee

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July 2, 2007

Brick is crime

and it takes a century for us to see negative side effect of brick based system of construction on our society, economy, and so called architecture.


a brick kiln in mashad

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pace yourself

کنفسيوس: براي هر کس سه راه وجود دارد.
راه اول، از انديشه مي گذرد. اين والاترين راه است.
راه دوم، از تقليد مي گذرد. اين آسان ترين راه است.
راه سوم، از تجربه مي گذرد. اين تلخ ترين راه است

thanks to Dena for her thoughtful message

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